About IO

"It is a myth that individuals start companies. Teams start companies… especially innovation driven enterprises."
- Bill Aulet

At IO we conceptualise, build and commercialise tech innovations that we believe will bring the power of the internet to the world in new and useful ways. Our ultimate vision is to harness our relentless curiosity and yearning for learning to become bold discoverers and problem-solvers for society.


Consent is a stealth-phase UK based client doing incredible things in the personal information space. Together we’ve built a highly scalable platform augmented by the Ethereum blockchain. Our experience in information security, cryptography, and complex DevOps environments has been crucial in the ongoing success of the project.

An illustration graphic of Tephra open source software.


A RADIUS server that integrates deeper into applications. It has been tried and tested in production with major bursts of RADIUS traffic. RADIUS is an old school protocol, Tephra brings it closer to your modern application.

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Software Development and Engineering

15 years of software development experience can turn your ideas into reality. We work with large multinationals and small startups to build scalable, amazing software. We don’t shy away from difficult problems. Speak to us if you’re deploying satellite solutions to rural Nigeria or building the next mobile retail experience in New York.


Ultimately, everything we build interfaces with people. From concept all the way through to quality assurance, we take note of why and how people use things and try to improve the journey. Most users are unaware of what a good user experience is, but everyone knows what it is not. We aim to allow your users to engage with you, blissfully ignorant.


Proper deployment and integration are what separates us from the animals. Our infrastructure is defined in code, saved in git repositories, perfectly reproducible, atomic and always scalable. Smaller projects get to run on our shared infrastructure and larger ones have custom setups. We are cloud agnostic but do prefer the Google cloud.

A screenshot of the Passmarked website displayed on a MacBook desktop


Passmarked was born out of our quest for perfection and love of quality. There was no way to determine whether anyone’s work stood up to standards and best practices so we created it. Passmarked scores how well your site works and a better score means a better performing site driving more sales and user engagement.

Visit passmarked.com

The Rover app screenshot displaying on an iphone screen.


Design is an integral part of the process of conceptualisation, development and execution of ideas at IO. It is not a separate process or an afterthought. IO is home to a team of talented and dedicated designers who constantly try to raise the bar on interactive digital design, product design, user experience, branding and brand development, and other areas of design that bridge the gap between tech and humans.

An illustration representing NProbe Collector Open Source software.

NProbe Collector

Nprobe Collector was written in Go. It analyses and aggregates TCP traffic according to its source and destination IP addresses using the NetFlow protocol. The objective is to see how bandwidth was used and then potentially treat certain locations differently in terms of pricing.

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As great believers in the collective power and value of the Internet, we are hedging our bets that Blockchain is the one of the world's greatest new technological revolutions - one that is here to stay. And we're not just watching from the sidelines, we are joining the revolution. We’ve built production systems on top of Ethereum, the fastest growing blockchain, and understand how the blockchain and crypto-currencies can enable previously impossible businesses.

The Rover app screenshot displaying on an iphone screen.


Discovery has become too easy. 50 years ago, before the Internet and GPS, people explored the world around them, often walking somewhere just to see what was there. Rover is an experimental app that tries to reignite a sense of exploration and problem solving.

Can you find one of our fascinating locations when the only piece of information you’re given is how far away you are? Once you’re close enough we’ll tell you why you’re there.

App coming soon


There are three fundamental challenges in making the Internet accessible to everyone: Internet capable hardware (eg. a mobile phone), network coverage and the cost of data.

We’re working with partners to provide cost-effective internet access and free life-changing content to the underdeveloped communities who need it the most.

Illustration depicting Hurt open source software.


Lava is a stadium grade Wi-Fi hotspot solution. Purposely built to support large amount of concurrent connections and the widest range smartphones. It includes a variety of authentication methods including Social Media Oauth logins, rich media such as video streaming to phones over Wi-Fi and is built to be customised to specific needs.


Breakpoint Vantage is a service provider to the financial services and telecommunications industry. Our design and communications team worked with them to develop a concise methodology to communicate their products and develop a design language for their business.

Illustration depicting Hurt open source software.


Embracing failure is an important part of growth. Hurt is a collection of software built to stress test our platforms to the breaking point. We use Hurt to identify our weaknesses, fix them and then Hurt ourselves again until we are the most scalable and resilient we can possibly be.

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Contact Us

[email protected]
+27 (0)21 447 8855

161 Longmarket Street,
Cape Town City Centre,

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Work for Us

I|O is hiring! We do pretty interesting work with new technologies such as PWAs, Machine Learning, AI and Blockchain, and we're big on web standards, so if that sounds good to you, check out our new job ads.

We're looking for experienced web developers with a passion for beautiful code and helping tech startups across Africa to develop their products.

The I|O Powwow

Keep aside the last Friday afternoon of every month, from 3pm - 5pm for a short power talk from great speakers, followed by some good music and drinks with like-minded people from our industry, in and around Cape Town.

We will start off the powwows with topics related to Design, Frontend Development, Backend Development and DevOps but would likely grow to include topics such as Startups and Creative Thinking. All talks and material will be published online. Our list of speakers will include the likes of Johann du Toit and Chris Pitt.

Please join us for an afternoon of fun with design and tech.