Meet the team

The io team is a collective of diverse tech enthusiasts, from business visionaries, product innovators and coders to designers and marketing specialists. Together they think up new and useful ways to bring the power of the internet to society. Meet the core team here:

An ID photo of IO's founder, Barry Botha.

Barry Botha

Barry is the CEO and founder of io. A born coder and passionate entrepreneur, he built up the business over 15 years, from its early days as web design agency, into a leading tech innovations business with local and international clients. Barry continues to lead io as it moves into its niche as a virtual startup conceptualisation, development and launch entrepreneur. Barry has wide technical knowledge - from coding rare and complex languages to building vast and sophisticated WiFi and support networks - which he combines with his passion for business development in order to spur tech innovations for the local and international market. His dream is to build some of the best tech startups ever to come from South Africa, in order to create a more open, well-functioning and inclusive internet for all.

An ID photo of IO's COO, Jonathan Endersby.

Jonathan Endersby

Jonathan is the Chief of Operations at io and a product specialist with vast experience in corporate and developmental technology across Africa. In addition to being a seasoned software developer, Jonathan has a focus on mobile and building technology for emerging markets. He has worked on award-winning projects to bring mobile connectivity to remote corners of Africa. Jonathan is also an expert on user experience design, web applications, digital marketing and digital strategy, being a big picture guy who can understand all sides of a job and guide his teams on delivering the best solutions to complex problems. A “sailor trapped in a nerd’s body”, Jono’s greatest passions after tech are sailing the seven seas and spending time with his equally entrepreneurial wife.

An ID photo of IO's Creative Director, Jacques Kleynhans

Jacques Kleynhans

Jacques Kleynhans, io’s creative director, is a graphic artist with a flair for creating beauty that is capable of bringing tech to life. Jacques has 13 years of experience in many creative fields including animation, illustration, layout, branding and ultimately, web design. He has produced work for corporate clients ranging from DSTV, M-Net and Paramount Pictures to Coca-Cola and 5FM.

An academic at heart, Jacques completed his BA in Visual Communication Design at The Open Window School of Visual Communication in Pretoria, and went on to lecture Interaction Design at the Cape Town Creative Academy. Jacques has been an exhibiting fine artist for 7 years and is represented by the Kalashnikovv Gallery in Johannesburg and Berlin. His work, which is always eclectic, modern and designed for humans, has been featured in creative industry blog Between10and5. View more of his work on his website.

An ID photo of IO's Chief Happiness Officer, Liesel Theron

Liesel Theron

Liesel works to create a happy and stimulating working environment for the developers and creatives at io. A coffee and design snob at heart, she ensures that the office looks good, that her Devs get good quality coffee, and that internal systems and processes are in place to ease workflow. A big part of her job is to drive a healthy company culture that prizes self-learning, creativity, problem-solving and emotional well-being, and to ensure that io is a place where talented people want to work and deliver good work. In addition, Liesel manages client relationships and organises regular industry meetups. Starting in the core team almost a decade ago, Liesel has been instrumental in seeing the company grow from a small operation to a tech entrepreneur with respected international and local clients and innovative internal projects. In her free time, Liesel is a passionate Iger and fashion and design enthusiast.

An ID photo of IO's Lead Developer, Johann du Toit

Johann du Toit

Johann is a globally recognised DevOps engineer who leads the team of coders at io to build innovative in-house tech startups. In his early 20s he became the first of only a handful of designated Google Developer Experts in Africa, leading him on many adventures, including speaking opportunities at local and international conferences and many trips to Silicon Valley. Johann loves supporting the local Cape Town tech scene and sharing knowledge with other developers. He recently contributed to a book on the Google App Engine. His core specialisation is Google Cloud, but he also delves into systems architecture, big data, web and mobile app development, and network administration. He is currently the lead developer on, an io-led startup that is soon to launch in Silicon Valley. He lives by KISS, loves data, and when he’s not coding for work, he codes for fun. See more on his work with Google: View it here and here.

An ID photo of IO's Engineering Manager, Rian Zietsman

Rian Zietsman

Rian manages the development team at io with a supportive approach - he does not believe in micromanagement, but rather in promoting a culture of self-starting, self-learning and open dialogue. The trained engineer, who holds an M.Sc in Electrical Engineering from UCT, made the crossover from hardware to software more than ten years ago and has never looked back. He specialises in back-end development and systems architecture, but the nature of his job - as the leader of a diverse group of developers who code anything from PHP to Go and Laravel - also forces him to be a jack of all trades when it comes to code. When he’s not behind his desk typing, he puts his hands to equally good use as the lead guitarist in a rock ‘n roll band.

An ID photo of IO's Head of Open Source, Ant Cosentino

Ant Cosentino

Ant is a multi-skilled software engineer who champions open source at io. His commitment to open source stems from a passion for free software, digital rights and civil liberties, and at it io he is in charge of the stewardship, maintenance and quality control of io's open source projects. He always ensures that these projects are well-documented, easy for the public to contribute to and do what they are supposed to. Ant loves working with colleagues to design and build new systems and recently focused mainly on Node.js, Docker and various IaaS and PaaS services. Ant is also big on full stack development and knows a wide variety of programming languages. He enjoys taking the time to mentor new or less experienced colleagues. Visit Ant’s website to see what he gets up to outside the office.

An ID photo of IO's Corporate and Tax Compliance, Retha Marais

Retha Marais

Retha oversees corporate and tax compliance at io. She is an admitted member of the Cape Bar Council and specialises in advising tech startups such as io and its sister company on corporate and tax compliance, exchange control regulations, company registration outside of SA and intellectual property law. When she’s not working in a toga, she can be found her on her surfboard catching some waves around Cape Town.